It's time to conquer your student loans

Life after college can be confusing; navigating your student loans shouldn’t be. LoanBuddy redefines what it means to get out of student loan debt by empowering you with the personalized knowledge you need to take control of your loans.

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LoanBuddy helps you easily determine the best repayment plan and loan forgiveness options for you.

LoanBuddy is a service that actually helps you to conquer your student loan debt. There are currently over 100 different choices when it comes to student loans, and factors to consider include different loan types, alternate repayment plans, forgiveness options, and more complex alternatives like deferment and forbearance.

Personal Student Loan Assistance For Everybody

LoanBuddy is an online tool that will help you understand your repayment options. Our self-service portal will give you a full picture of your debt and recommend smart repayment and loan forgiveness options at no cost to you! If you need additional assistance, we also offer document preparation, payment tracking, and other perks for a reasonable fee.

Ryan Inman

“We offer a do-it-yourself experience for borrowers who want some help dealing with their student loans, but don’t need a full financial planning experience.” - Ryan Inman, Co-Founder of LoanBuddy

Find an Advisor Who Understands What You’re Going Through

We designed LoanBuddy to be a completely user-friendly technology. However, if you don’t feel comfortable creating a repayment plan on your own, or if you still have questions after reviewing the information we provide, we have compiled a database of experienced financial advisors. Click below to find one who knows the unique financial challenges of your industry.

Alex Bottom

“All college grads and borrowers can begin to better understand the lifecycle of their student debt with the LoanBuddy self-service portal and, if desired, ultimately find a financial advisor who intimately knows their occupation and what they are going through.” - Alex Bottom, Co-Founder of LoanBuddy

Our mission is to help you pay off your student loans

We are here to help you and so we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. By looking at your individual loan terms and taking into account your one-of-a-kind real-life circumstances, we will show you student loan refinancing and monthly payment options that make sense for you.

$1.6 trillion (that’s TWELVE zeros)

And rising every day – the current amount of student loan debt in America.

Find the best repayment plan

Out of the 100+ options for dealing with student loan debt, how do you know if your current lender or payment plan is your best course of action? LoanBuddy will analyze your unique situation to see if you are able to refinance for lower monthly payments, save money on interest, or even qualify for loan forgiveness.

  • Lower your monthly payment
  • Qualify for loan forgiveness
  • Save money on interest
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Qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness

There are many Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) programs available, but how do you know if you’re eligible? Understanding these different options, and how life changes sometimes influence your eligibility, can be unclear. Let LoanBuddy do the difficult work of analyzing your options for you, then we will present our recommendations to you in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, and even prepare the necessary documents to make the changes, if you wish.

  • Find out programs you're eligible for
  • Track your eligibility for popular programs like PSLF
  • See how life events change how much of your loans could be forgiven
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44 million

The number of individual borrowers in America; you’re not alone beneath your student loan debt.


The average American’s personal debt (this amount has doubled over the last decade)

Get the help you need

LoanBuddy equips you with the knowledge you need to refinance your private loans, including document preparation and step-by-step submission instructions. If you need more guidance, join our Facebook community and post your question there. Advisors, current LoanBuddy users, and even our founders check in there and can offer advice in this casual forum. And if you’re seeking more professional counsel, don’t forget you have access to our full database of certified financial advisors.

  • Connect with a financial advisor
  • Refinance your private loans
  • Join a knowledgeable community
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Choose the right LoanBuddy solution for you

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LoanBuddy Free

Obtain a detailed analysis of your student loan debt and a relief plan based on your current lender. Plus, we’ll show you loan refinancing options that might help you save money. With this information in hand, you will be armed with the necessary knowledge to advocate for your lowest possible monthly payment.

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$99 per year


LoanBuddy Plus

Includes all the features of Free, plus we’ll fill out all the necessary documents for repayment applications or PSLF certifications. You will have access to our student loan calculators and your personal loan dashboard to track your debt within the program for one year. This plan includes one annual certification and one loan repayment application prepared for you.

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$149 one time


LoanBuddy Lifetime

Includes all of the features of Free and Plus for the lifetime of your loans. Dealing with your student loans is a long process and sometimes life changes can affect your payment options, but we’ll be here through it all and make sure you always have the best plan for your current situation. We will also prepare your annual documents each year and store all past documents so you always know where to find them.

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Not sure which LoanBuddy plan is right for you?

We suggest starting with LoanBuddy Plus, which allows you to track your student loan debt for one year. If, within those 365 days, you realize you need continued guidance, or you have some upcoming life changes that you think may affect your current payment plan, we will apply your paid Plus membership to the cost of upgrading to LoanBuddy Lifetime.

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